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Over 30'000 distinct puzzles are available for play on the site. Therefore the probability to get the same puzzle again is rather low.

The puzzles included here have been either manually or automatically curated to ensure each one has a unique solution.

Popularity-wise, this site is rather well known among the game enthusiasts. Since 2015, over 1'000 game plays are happening on the site every day.

Author Information

My name is Vlad Dascalu. I am the creator of the kakuros.com website. Currently, this site is operated by Beetux Software SRL, an EU based company owned by me and incorporated in the country of Romania.

I have been authoring online browser-based games since 1997. I like to focus on puzzles and board games. Kakuros is at the intersection of those two areas, due to which I have spent a high amount of time in studying the game. This culminated with the creation of this website.

Contact Information

We might not be able to reply to individual requests pertaining to specific puzzles or specific solutions. Feedback for improvement or general bug reports are welcomed. You can contact us at v@d9.ro.

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